Sunday’s Tweetables – Perspectives, Week 3: Change the Label

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  • Aug, 2014
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We spend more time being the “me” people see than the “me” God has called us to be.

We can look really good on the outside but be wrestling on the inside.

You can prosper on the outside while in poverty on the inside.

The Creator is the only One who can define what He created.

God has a better way of living for you.

When we begin to see ourselves the way God sees us, we will begin to live in power and fulfillment.

How you see yourself is how you operate in life, which is how you see yourself.

You’ll never break the cycle until you let God change your label.

Just because you did doesn’t mean you will; just because you have doesn’t mean you have to.

Your history doesn’t dictate your destiny.

You’ll never move past it until you acknowledge it.

No matter what you’ve done, God can still birth great things in your life.

God didn’t send Jesus into this world to give you a prettier label; He came to make you brand new.

God is changing whatever labels have been put on you in the past.

God has given you a new name.




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Sunday’s Tweetables – Perspectives, Week 2: Praise Shades

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  • Aug, 2014
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We live in the tension of the already – not yet.

It takes faith to praise Him in the promise, not the proof.

Face it, but look at it with praise shades on.

We have to praise in the midst of the battle.

How I see my battles determines whether they will beat me or boost me.

Get your battles in the right column on your P & L.

Sometimes the battle is the blessing.

Get away from the battle long enough to see the goodness of God.

Insulate yourself; don’t isolate yourself.

If you live by your feelings, you will live defeated all the time.

Sometimes stopping and waiting is the most spiritual thing you can do.

Some lose the battle before it starts because of fear.

Follow the instruction to get the promise.



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Sunday’s Tweetables – Perspectives, Week 1: Time to SHIFT

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  • Aug, 2014
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How you see is more important than what you see.

How you see things changes based on what you experience.

We filter life through perspectives created by what we’ve experienced.

You may be stuck with the wrong filter and you need to change the way you see things.

If how I see is correct, my whole body will be full of light.

Difficult situations will either defeat me or propel me to live life at a higher level, depending on how I see them.

What I allow in me remains in me and becomes a filter through which I see everything.

It is my responsibility to have the right perspective.

Some of us have been running in one gear for too long; it’s time to shift your perspective.

You don’t get living water until you shift how you see Jesus.

You don’t have to work for His forgiveness; you live from His forgiveness.

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Sunday’s Tweetables: We are the Church, Week 4

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  • Aug, 2014
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Yesterday we heard a challenging and inspiring word from Bianca Olthoff, Chief Storyteller for the A21 Campaign against human trafficking.  A21 has the audacious goal of abolishing slavery in the 21st century.

As Bianca shared, globally there are over 27,000,000 slaves generating over $32,000,000,000 in revenue each year for their captors.  Every 30 seconds another victim is sucked into the slave trade, the average age of whom, in the US alone, is 12. Only 1% of these slaves get rescued. A21 wages war against human trafficking on a global level, and we at Lifepoint are honored to partner with them in bringing the slave trade to its end in our generation.

Here are just a few highlights from yesterday’s message:

God’s international language is love.

We serve a God of the impossible.

We need to come in contact with the marginalized and say, “I see you and so does God, and He has a plan for your life.”

Who is your neighbor?

We are blessed to be a blessing.

This is not the end of 7 days; it is the beginning of a lifestyle.

It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict; our job is to love.

Your history does not determine your destiny.

May we never be a Church who knows the Word but doesn’t do the Word.

See a need, meet a need; this is not just a slogan or hashtag, this is our calling.

We go out and show the world we are His disciples by how we love and serve others.

It’s not offering a patronizing hand saying, “I give to you.” It’s getting eye to eye and saying, “I see you.”

We GET to go into this world and be His hands and feet.



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Sunday’s Tweetables – We Are the Church, week 3: Be Rich.

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  • Jul, 2014
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The Bible is full of the permissions of God.

When I live outside of God’s permissions I lack peace, but when I live per God’s mission, I am free to live a life that is truly life.

Wealth is temporal; God is eternal.

Whatever has your trust has your emotional and mental health.

God provides for our enjoyment; don’t feel bad about it but don’t but your hope in it.

God has given you permission to enjoy life!

God wants us to be rich in giving of ourselves.

God wants us to get good at being rich.

Find commonality with those who are created in the image of the same God in whose image you are created.

It doesn’t matter what we believe if our belief isn’t backed up with action.

We will not just go to church; we will be The Church.

Our theology is impotent to the world around us when our generosity is absent.

Be filthy rich in good deeds.




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Pastor Daniel is the Senior Pastor of Lifepoint Church located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He and his wife Tammie have two beautiful children: Owen, age 7, and Faith, age 5. Since planting the church in 2005 with a group of 50 people, Lifepoint has seen over 2000 people place their faith in Jesus, and has grown to two locations with a third campus opening in summer of 2014.