Sunday’s Tweetables – Sequence, Week 4: Running Out of Time

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  • Jan, 2015
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Do you have more going on in your life than there is of you to go around?

An unsustainable pace results in an unhealthy life.

God cares about your schedule because He cares about you.

If we are ever going to grow, we must understand that God is our provider.  Period.

The Sabbath is a test of trust.

The Sabbath is a command.

If you sow rest by honoring the Sabbath, you’ll reap blessings.

The Sabbath is a testimony about God to a culture running at breakneck speed.

When in your week do you stop and breathe in the goodness of God?

We live with fear and anxiety because we have no margin.

The Sabbath is a gift.

Maybe there are some plates that need to crash in your life.

God will build something great in and through you in six days if you will just give Him one.

Your schedule will run your life if you don’t learn to run it.


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Sunday’s Tweetables – Sequence, Week 3: Process over Product

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  • Jan, 2015
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Romans 7: 21-25;  Luke 16:10

We all have felt the frustration caused by contradictions between who we are and who we want to be.

What you feed will win.

It’s not self discipline that makes you succeed but Spirit-empowered discipline.

Spirit-empowered discipline will help you choose what you want MOST over what you want NOW. – Pastor Craig Groeschel

Small tweaks, consistently over time, will take you to giant peaks.

We form habits, but in the long run, our habits form us.

Your life is made up of the small choices you make every day.

Let God teach you  your cues so you can change your behavior.

Thank God, the answer isn’t determination, discipline, or trying harder, but Jesus Christ.

The product is the goal you want to achieve; the process is what guarantees it.

What one thing, if you did it with Spirit-empowered discipline, would radically change your life this year?


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Sunday’s Tweetables – Sequence, Week 2: Put it on Repeat

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  • Jan, 2015
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Romans 12:1-2;  2 Corinthians 10:3-5;  Psalm 1:1-3;  John 8:32

Our thinking drives our living.

When your thinking is out of order, your living is out of order.

Life’s experiences can send a “virus” into the way we think.

Think the way the world thinks, and you’ll get what the world gets.

Think the way God thinks, and be transformed.

Learn to recognize corrupt thinking in order to take it captive.

Recognize incorrect thinking. Replace it with the Word. Repeat.

You can’t get rid of wrong thinking; you have to replace it.

Learn how to fight this war because God wants to give you victory.

Scripture is spirit and life, not just words on a page.

Put Truth on repeat in your life.

To renew your life, replace wrong thinking with new thinking.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – Sequence, Week 1: Go Back

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  • Jan, 2015
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Matthew 6:33;  1 Kings 18:30-45

It’s not about starting over; it’s about restoring order.

Get your life in God’s order and He will pour into you what you’ve been striving for.

Worship is a lifestyle.

If we are not intentional about it, worship can take a back seat in our lives.

Worship takes preparation in our hearts and minds.

If you want the fire of God to fall on your life this year, rebuild the altar of God in your life.

You have too much potential in your life to float through 2015.

It’s through worship that God’s power flows in and through your life.

Restoring worship to its rightful place in your life will cost you something.

Pour out your most prized possession on the altar.

If you need fire to fall in your life or rain to fall on your drought, you need to go back to a place of worship.

If you want something different this year, do something different.

We need some mountaintop moments, but what we need every day is the presence of God.





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Sunday’s Tweetables – It’s Not Out There, It’s In Here.

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  • Dec, 2014
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2 Kings 4:1-7

A greater year ahead is not necessarily devoid of challenges and struggle.

Challenges can be the gateway through which blessing will come in our lives.

When we face struggle, let it be said of us that the Word of God is the first place we will go.

We create more complexity when we don’t go first to the Word of God.

You have to go to the right place to get the right counsel.

Sometimes we overlook what’s right in front of us.

We tend to want someone else to solve our problems when the answer is in us.

Let the world be against me and God be for me because if God is for me, who can be against me?

The level of our miracles will be in direct proportion to the level of our obedience.

The oil will keep flowing as long as the jars keep coming.

God has ample supply for the challenges in your life.

Your ability to receive is determined by the jars you collect, not limited by God’s supply or power.



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