Sunday’s Tweetables – Do You Get It?

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  • Oct, 2014
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We were honored to hear from our good friend Pastor Stu Hodges from Waters Edge Church yesterday, who brought us a timely message about being careful not to miss the point, using passages from Mark 6:34-38, 42-44; Mark 6:51-52; Mark 6:56; Mark 8:1-4; and Mark 8:17-21.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Even those closest to Jesus sometimes missed the point.

Jesus always comes to us in our storms; if you’ll just stay in your boat, Jesus will join you there.

Don’t get so wrapped up in this life that you miss the point of who Jesus is.

It is possible to bask in the forgiveness, mercy, kindness and grace of Jesus and still miss who He is.

It is possible to become a little too professional in your faith and miss who Jesus is.

Don’t miss what Jesus has invited you to be a part of.

Is it possible that you have become so close to something that you’ve missed the point?

What is happening at Lifepoint is not natural; it’s supernatural.

Don’t let the best seat in the house become the worst seat in the house and cause you to miss the point.

Do you get it?




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Sunday’s Tweetables – Why not here, why not now?

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  • Oct, 2014
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We are celebrating and thanking God for an amazing 535 Baptisms at Lifepoint over the last 2 weekends!!!

Today we looked at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:30-38.

When the opportunity is given, you need to RUN to it.

It’s not something we can earn; it’s a gift, its called grace.

If you are trusting in anything other than what Jesus did on the cross,  you may have had a religious experience but I doubt you have a relationship with Jesus.

We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

There is no class to take, no prerequisite other than believing the good news about Jesus.

You can stop trying so hard; Jesus did it all on the cross.  It is paid in full.

Baptism is the first command Jesus give us to follow.

Baptism is not a Catholic thing, a Baptist thing, a Presbyterian thing.  It’s a Bible thing.

Some people have so much religion and not enough Jesus.

Push past hanging on to your efforts and surrender to Jesus.

Just because you attend church and check some boxes on the religious list doesn’t make you a follower of Christ.

You don’t get to work your own deal out with God. You come on His terms or you don’t come at all.

Quit letting your pride stand in the way of God’s provision and blessing on your family.

When you lead with pride, you lead toward destruction.

Baptism is a big deal because Jesus instructed us to do it.

If you got baptized before you were a believer, you just got wet.

27 times in the book of Acts, people believed and then they were baptized.

If you could fix your life, you wouldn’t need Jesus.

Baptism isn’t about joining the Church; it’s about joining Jesus.







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Sunday’s Tweetables – I Have Decided, Week One: This Day

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  • Oct, 2014
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Following a simple instruction can bring profound results.

Baptism doesn’t save you; it is the immediate next step after being saved.

Our good will never outweigh our bad; only our belief in Jesus can do that.

Paul didn’t tell the jailer, “Pray this prayer.”  He told him, “Believe!”

Baptism is about identification.

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward transformation.

I don’t want to just be a fan; I want to be a follower.

How will you progress to more profound levels with God if you don’t follow the most simple instruction?

Baptism lets everybody know that you’re not just for Him, you’re with Him.

Why shouldn’t this day be “that day” for you?





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Sunday’s Tweetables – Darkhorse, Week 4: Finish It

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  • Sep, 2014
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We are remembered by how well we finish.

Fight the battle on your own terms.

God is more concerned about your growth than He is about your comfort.

We have to face our giants even when we don’t feel like it.

God will put what was meant to defeat you into your hand to give you victory.

It’s not enough to defeat something when God means for you to conquer it.

Jesus didn’t just defeat sin and death; He conquered them.

God is calling you to conquer something in your life.

You won’t be able to defeat other giants until you conquer this one.

Conquering a giant in your life gives you resources to fight future battles.

What will you miss if you don’t kill your Goliath?

What looks like your disadvantage can be your advantage.


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Sunday’s Tweetables – Darkhorse, Week 3: Save Your Energy

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  • Sep, 2014
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Some giants can hang around for so long, we get comfortable with them.

You don’t have to tolerate what God means for you to terminate.

Be the guy who runs to the battle.

If you’re going to kill Goliath, you’ve got to be willing to fight Goliath.

When discouragement asks, “Why you?” live with the response of, “Why not me?”

People often want to discourage you when your blessing exceeds theirs.

Turn away from discouragement; you don’t have time for it.

Doubt will tell you what you’re not, but God tells you what you are.

When doubt comes knocking on your door, open it with a testimony of God’s goodness.

Save your energy!

Let doubt know how good God is.

If he can’t discourage or cause you to doubt, the enemy will distract you.

Good things will distract you from the great things God has for you.

Some giants can’t be prayed away; they must be fought away.

God didn’t promise to keep us out of the battle; He promised to go into the battle with us.






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