Sunday’s Tweetables – Clayton King: “The Best Investment”

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  • Dec, 2014
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Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing from my friend Clayton King, who brought us a challenging and inspiring word.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Jesus is not just a baby in a manger; He’s the crucified, resurrected, soon returning King. – @Clayton_King

The best investment is a simple invitation. – @Clayton_King

Jesus is not as committed to what we want as He is committed to what we need. – @Clayton_King

The reason we have freedom & courage to ask others to come: Jesus already extended the invitation to us. – @Clayton_King

Jesus doesn’t just point us where to go; He invites us to come with Him.  – @Clayton_King

This is how the Church grows:  Friends inviting friends to come & meet the Jesus who has changed our lives. – @Clayton_King

We give up too quickly when we are defeated before we even ask. – @Clayton_King

It’s not your responsibility to get them here; it’s your responsibility to deliver the mail. -@Clayton_King

A great skeptic can become a great saint.  – @Clayton_King

A little question can lead to a lifelong calling.  – @Clayton_King

Look beyond their current perspective and see their potential.  – @Clayton_King

Jesus always sees the person and the possibilities.  – @Clayton_King

People are curious about Jesus but skeptical about religion. – @Clayton_King

You can argue with my knowledge or education, but you can’t argue with my experience. – @Clayton_King

Jesus sees who we are not yet and who we can be. – @Clayton_King





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Sunday’s Tweetables – Riches and Glory, Week 4: Mystery

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  • Dec, 2014
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Yesterday our Executive Director of Operations, Jeremy Pickwell, wrapped up our “Riches and Glory” series with an awesome message from Colossians 1:24-27.  Here are a few of the highlights:

The Church exists, not for us, but for the people who are not yet here.

It’s only a mystery if you don’t proclaim it.

It’s our responsibility to unveil the mystery.

It’s not me that is special; it’s Who is in me that is special.

The Glory of God is God’s statement about who He is.

Giving glory to God = agreeing with God on who He says He is.

The glory of man =  the favorable opinion of God about who you are.

The whole plan of Jesus is to bring us back into alignment with who we are created to be.

Christ in you is the testimony of how God feels about you.

Christ in you, the hope of glory is not a mystery to solve but a truth to embrace.

Let us never become the church that holds what we have to ourselves – it’s not about us.

We are to unveil this mystery, not only to the nations and the world, but across the street, across town, across the cubicle.

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Sunday’s Tweetables – Riches and Glory, Week 3

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  • Dec, 2014
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Accusation tells you how you will fail; conviction draws you closer to a loving God.

There was a “before” you, but now there is a CHANGED you.

You have been transformed into a brand new you.

Reconciliation brings two accounts into harmony.

Jesus reconciled His account of perfection with our account of sin, shame, and guilt.

Jesus wiped our account clean and deposited His righteousness.

As a child of God, I stand before God positionally holy by the grace of Jesus.

We jump through hoops when all we have to do is trust Him.

The righteousness of Jesus has been deposited into my life.

We can have freedom from accusation, not because we aren’t accused but because we don’t have to listen to it anymore.

Don’t allow the enemy to pull you to the “before” in your life.

You don’t have to live in the before; you can live in the after.








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Sunday’s Tweetables – Riches and Glory, Week 2: All Things

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  • Dec, 2014
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Colossians 1:15-20;  Matthew 7:24-27;  Romans 8:31-32

A structure is only as good as its foundation.

You must be anchored to something stronger than the storms in your life.

The storms are coming; it’s about how we handle them.

Whatever the situation, Jesus always rises to it.

Jesus was the only One sufficient to pay the penalty sin placed on our lives.

Jesus met the demand we could never afford to pay.

Things got out of order and Jesus came to put everything back in order.

Jesus holds all things together; it would be wise to build your life around Him so He can hold all of your things together.

Nothing you’ll face in this life is powerful enough to crack your foundation if your foundation is Jesus.

He graciously gives us ALL THINGS; why in the world would you build your life around anything else?

Building your life around Jesus is not a momentary thing; it’s a daily decision.



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Sunday’s Tweetables – Riches and Glory: It’s in the Will

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  • Nov, 2014
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Yesterday we kicked off our new series, Riches and Glory, by looking at Colossians 1:3-14:

It is so much easier to do what’s expected when you know what’s expected.

You can know God’s will; He has a plan for your life and has given you everything you need to live it out.

When we do great things as a church but fail to love the people a few seats over from us, it’s a problem.

Faith is not grown on the mountain peaks but in consistent, day-to-day living.

God doesn’t want to give you guidance in this life; He wants to be your guide.

You need to have God’s will revealed in a way you can apply to your life and live out.

Your purpose on this earth is to live a life that is pleasing to God.

The fruit always tells the truth about the tree.

I have to engage my will as I discover and walk out God’s will.

I don’t have to perform for God.

Whoever gets the Son gets it all.

It’s in the will.

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