Sunday’s Tweetables – Darkhorse, Week 3: Save Your Energy

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  • Sep, 2014
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Some giants can hang around for so long, we get comfortable with them.

You don’t have to tolerate what God means for you to terminate.

Be the guy who runs to the battle.

If you’re going to kill Goliath, you’ve got to be willing to fight Goliath.

When discouragement asks, “Why you?” live with the response of, “Why not me?”

People often want to discourage you when your blessing exceeds theirs.

Turn away from discouragement; you don’t have time for it.

Doubt will tell you what you’re not, but God tells you what you are.

When doubt comes knocking on your door, open it with a testimony of God’s goodness.

Save your energy!

Let doubt know how good God is.

If he can’t discourage or cause you to doubt, the enemy will distract you.

Good things will distract you from the great things God has for you.

Some giants can’t be prayed away; they must be fought away.

God didn’t promise to keep us out of the battle; He promised to go into the battle with us.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – Darkhorse, Week 2: Stacked for Success

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  • Sep, 2014
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You’re not yet where you are going but not exactly where you were.

A greater anointing doesn’t mean you immediately receive a greater assignment.

Sometimes we want the position without the preparation.

Your talent or internal drive can write a check your character can’t cash.

It is in the in between that we ask, “How long, God?”

When you carry the weight of sin around, it will torment you.

Sometimes all the enemy has to do to derail us is keep us on the trajectory of our own bad choices.

You don’t get that good overnight.

You may have a gift but you have to exercise that gift to be prepared when the demand for it comes.

Don’t make faith an excuse for your lack of discipline to develop the gift God has given you.

A good heart is not an excuse for poor performance.

If you are doing it for the Lord, shouldn’t it be the best it can possibly be?

You don’t wait until the day of the marathon to train.

You develop your gifts in the “in between.”

Some of us are waiting on God when God is waiting on us.

You don’t get to play before the king if you give up during the development process.

There is a big difference between covenant and convenience.

Stop putting God’s name on your emotional whims.

Your calling is found at the crossroads of your uniqueness.

God may be stacking you for success.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – Darkhorse, Week 1: Hidden, but not Forgotten

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  • Sep, 2014
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Your disadvantage can be your advantage.

We miss what’s in front of us while we are mourning what could have been.

We waste our energies giving CPR to what God has rejected.

How long are you going to live in regret from mistakes you made years ago, which God has already forgiven?

We miss our mission when we don’t move on.

If you’re not experiencing abundant life, there are some things you need to shake off.

We are constantly worrying about the outside, when God is concerned with the inside.

While Jesse was passing over his son, God was preparing his son.

God developed David while no one was looking so He could use him mightily when everyone was looking.

God may be hiding you until a special time because you are so valuable.

What do you do when God has something for you but you have not yet realized it?

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Sunday’s Tweetables – Perspectives, Week 4: Grace and Glory

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Grace is based on the character of God and not on our performance.

We often ask, “Why?” when things are bad; we should also ask, “Why?” when things are good.

You can’t avoid difficult situations but you can look at them differently.

Grace is a dimension of God that allows Him to extend forgiveness to us in spite of the rebelliousness of our hearts.

Faith in Jesus opens a treasure chest of inexhaustible grace.

Everything you have in life is a result of the grace of God.

We live in a culture that pushes us toward self-exaltation.

The grace of God saves me, blesses me, and sustains me.

I glorify God not because He lacks glory, but because that is what I was created to do.

I live my life because of the grace of God and for the glory of God.

In difficult times, the grace of God has not left me, but is sustaining me.

Look at your “why” through the eyes of grace and glory.

The prize is not an easy life on this earth. but standing in the grace of God and living for His glory.







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Sunday’s Tweetables – Perspectives, Week 3: Change the Label

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  • Aug, 2014
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We spend more time being the “me” people see than the “me” God has called us to be.

We can look really good on the outside but be wrestling on the inside.

You can prosper on the outside while in poverty on the inside.

The Creator is the only One who can define what He created.

God has a better way of living for you.

When we begin to see ourselves the way God sees us, we will begin to live in power and fulfillment.

How you see yourself is how you operate in life, which is how you see yourself.

You’ll never break the cycle until you let God change your label.

Just because you did doesn’t mean you will; just because you have doesn’t mean you have to.

Your history doesn’t dictate your destiny.

You’ll never move past it until you acknowledge it.

No matter what you’ve done, God can still birth great things in your life.

God didn’t send Jesus into this world to give you a prettier label; He came to make you brand new.

God is changing whatever labels have been put on you in the past.

God has given you a new name.




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