Sunday’s Tweetables – Riches and Glory: It’s in the Will

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  • Nov, 2014
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Yesterday we kicked off our new series, Riches and Glory, by looking at Colossians 1:3-14:

It is so much easier to do what’s expected when you know what’s expected.

You can know God’s will; He has a plan for your life and has given you everything you need to live it out.

When we do great things as a church but fail to love the people a few seats over from us, it’s a problem.

Faith is not grown on the mountain peaks but in consistent, day-to-day living.

God doesn’t want to give you guidance in this life; He wants to be your guide.

You need to have God’s will revealed in a way you can apply to your life and live out.

Your purpose on this earth is to live a life that is pleasing to God.

The fruit always tells the truth about the tree.

I have to engage my will as I discover and walk out God’s will.

I don’t have to perform for God.

Whoever gets the Son gets it all.

It’s in the will.

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Sunday’s Tweetables – HEART FOR THE HOUSE

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  • Nov, 2014
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What a privilege we have to be allowed to build the House of God.

God is raising a generation who will build a House for His Name and make it famous throughout the world.

It is not time for the Church to shrink back; it’s time for us to rise up and be a shining light.

It’s not the White House that is the hope of the world; it’s the Church House.

Jesus built His House by building people who would build His House; we are the recipients of that today.

God’s design for the Church is that it would grow, which begins when we get a heart for the House.

Healthy things grow, advance, and move forward.

If you don’t like a big church, you are going to hate Heaven!

If you’re sitting in church today, you are sitting in someone’s sacrifice.

It’s a lot more fun when you’re on the team.

Great churches are not built on the talents of a few, but on the sacrifices of many.

Enlarge your heart for God’s House.  Be stretched.

Together we can make a difference if we are all in.



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Sunday’s Tweetables: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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  • Nov, 2014
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The decisions I make today create the life I live tomorrow.

Our poor decisions can remove us from God’s umbrella of provision and safety.

The decisions we make have a profound and lasting effect on those whose lives we influence.

Walk out decisions in prayer.  James 1:5; Luke 14:28

We jump to unwise decisions when we want immediate gratification.

Illuminate decisions with God’s Word.  Proverbs 2:16; Psalm 119:105

A lamp illuminates the very next steps ahead of us; God’s Word shows us the next right step.

Seek godly counsel in making decisions.  Proverbs 11:14

You need counsel from those who have been where you are and were successful.

You need to be around the right kind of people to get the right kind of counsel.

Love everybody, but don’t let just anybody speak into your life.

We allow the wrong voices in our lives when we want people to affirm our bad decisions.

You need someone who loves you enough to want God’s best for you and speak it to you.

When making decisions, examine your past experiences.  Deut. 7:9



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Sunday’s Tweetables – The Approach of Agreement

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  • Nov, 2014
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Followers of Jesus should be influencers.

Learn to meet the relationships in your life with the approach of agreement.

Agreement is the result of focus and choice.

The Church has a spirit of agreement that supersedes our diversity.

Agreement should flow inward, bringing unity.

Unity means getting over our petty preferences and agreeing on what matters.

When we have unity in spite of our diversity, we have the home field advantage.

Agreement should flow outward, showing honor.

If you’re going to be a person of influence, you have to find points of agreement with those in your life.

Acceptance doesn’t equal approval.

Honor is not based on your conduct, but on my character.

The Church has been known for what we are against for years; let’s be known for what we are FOR.

A spirit of agreement should flows upward, indicating surrender.

God allows us to have influence when He knows we are surrendered to Him.

Alignment with God does not keep trouble from coming, but keeps God going through the trouble ahead of us when it comes.






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Sunday’s Tweetables: Dirty Water, Declared Whole – October 26, 2014

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  • Oct, 2014
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Yesterday we looked at the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5:1-15.

In Christ we are not just healed, we are made whole.

Greatness and brokenness can co-exist within the same life.

There is greatness inside of you because you were created in the image of God.

You’ll never experience wholeness while living defined by brokenness.

Living life through the lens of our greatness makes us afraid to show our brokenness.

God won’t heal what you refuse to reveal.

Have you ever missed an answer to prayer because it came packaged in a form you thought was insignificant?

Your wholeness is on the other side of your willingness to practice humility.

You don’t need greater position, you need power.

Let your life be consumed with pursuing the Word, not pursuing the person through whom God delivers the Word.

The instruction of God is the invitation to experience freedom and wholeness in our lives.

Following God’s instruction activates your faith.

When you allow God to finish the work He is doing in you, you will find there is a purpose in your pain.

Your brokenness can become the seed that gives birth to your greatness.





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