Sunday’s Tweetables – We Are the Church, week 3: Be Rich.

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  • Jul, 2014
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The Bible is full of the permissions of God.

When I live outside of God’s permissions I lack peace, but when I live per God’s mission, I am free to live a life that is truly life.

Wealth is temporal; God is eternal.

Whatever has your trust has your emotional and mental health.

God provides for our enjoyment; don’t feel bad about it but don’t but your hope in it.

God has given you permission to enjoy life!

God wants us to be rich in giving of ourselves.

God wants us to get good at being rich.

Find commonality with those who are created in the image of the same God in whose image you are created.

It doesn’t matter what we believe if our belief isn’t backed up with action.

We will not just go to church; we will be The Church.

Our theology is impotent to the world around us when our generosity is absent.

Be filthy rich in good deeds.




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Sunday’s Tweetables – We Are the Church, Week 2: The Right Fatigue

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  • Jul, 2014
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Jesus cares more about heart transformation than behavior modification.

Inactivity leads to fatigue, which leads to inactivity.

If we are to be the Church, we need to show compassion like Jesus did to the world around us.

You don’t debate people into a relationship with Jesus; you love them into a relationship with Him.

How would it change our community if we were really active in loving people right where they are?

As we create capacity for more people, more people will come.

When we become inactive, it becomes about us.

Show compassion; create capacity; obey the call.

Will you make space for Jesus in your boat?

We make time and room for what is important to us.

The things we get caught up in pale in comparison to the importance of eternity.

God is always urgently and passionately searching for those who are lost.

The answer to your prayer for the lost around is probably you.

Because He says so, I will.

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Sunday’s Tweetables: We Are the Church, Week 1 – Upside Down

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  • Jul, 2014
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Sometimes we just need to get back to the basics.

We sometimes disregard the simple because we think it can’t be that easy.

Simple is not always easy.

We are unified because we’ve had an experience with the Gospel.

The witness of the Church can bring together a world divided.

The Gospel is the hope of the world.

The power of our witness is in our unity.

It’s about unity, not uniformity.

Uncommon prayer brings uncommon results.

Visible unity and uncommon Prayer have marked every great move of God in the history of the Church.

This is not about numbers and size; it’s about Jesus and reaching this region with His message.

Pray in a way that is uncommon for you and see what God will do.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – What is Worship/Why we Worship

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  • Jul, 2014
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Yesterday we had the honor of hearing from our two Worship Pastors, Brandon Lake and Berchman Paul.  Here are some of the highlights:

We serve a God whose heart is wild for us – a Father excited to spend time with His children.

Worship is a lifestyle which demonstrates the posture of our hearts toward God.

Worship is not a weekly event, but a daily endeavor.

Give God everything from your ordinary to your extraordinary.

Worship is the greatest level of intimacy we can have with God.

Worship is the expression of respect and affection that keeps our intimacy with God high.

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

We give what belongs to Him and He returns to us more than we could ask or imagine.

If I allow my situation to dictate my destination, I won’t end up where I want to be.

Worship allows our hearts to find out true North.

Your attitude determines your latitude.

Worship breaks chains, opens doors, and saves lives.

True worship means having my mind’s attention and my heart’s affection locked on Jesus.

The more we press in, the more we see breakthrough.

What goes up must come down.

When worship goes up, freedom comes down.





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Sunday’s Tweetables – Tanlines, Tailgating, and You – Week 5

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  • Jun, 2014
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What an incredible Sunday we had as our Executive Pastor Jeremy Pickwell brought a message on Integrity.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Integrity looks good on you.

Integrity is that “special sauce” that allows you to go further, faster, and stronger.

Integrity is the key to unlocking the potential within you.

Integrity is truth.  Integrity is pure.  Integrity is whole.

What spills out when your cup gets bumped tells people what you’re full of.

If we do not have integrity, the weight of our lives will crush us.

Be you.  Be you in Christ.  Be you in grace.

There’s no better place from which to build a firm foundation than rock bottom.

Integrity is telling myself the truth; honesty is telling the truth to other people. – Spencer Johnson





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