Sunday’s Tweetables – Easter at Lifepoint 2014

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  • Apr, 2014
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What an AMAZING weekend as we saw 521 people make the decision that will change their lives forever!

If your fishing is working, why are you still fishing?

When you get Jesus, you drop your net, get out of the boat, and never return.

Jesus asks questions because we are in need of information

If you want a different result, you’ve got to do something different.

How’s that thing you’ve been looking to for your fulfillment working for you?

You don’t have to get right to come to Jesus; you come to Jesus and He makes you right.

The cross and resurrection should tell you the value God places on you.

Around one fire Peter denied Jesus; around another fire, Jesus reinstated Peter.

Coming face to face with the resurrected Jesus changes your life forever.

He gave us all of His right in exchange for all of our wrong.

There are not enough wrong things you can do to overdraw the righteousness of God in your account.

If there’s been no change in your life, there’s been no Jesus.

The only comparison game worth playing is between who Jesus is and who we are.

Jesus is alive and He came to get you off the merry-go-round.

If you’re hoping your good will outweigh your bad, you need a new plan.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – “If Only I was ____”

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  • Apr, 2014
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We are our own worst critics because we live with us.

When I live life through the lens of who I am not, I forfeit God’s best.

There is often a gap between who we strive to be and who we settle for being.

Performance mode keeps you trapped in thinking you’re never enough.

The Christian life is not stagnant or passive; it is active and growing.

Fruit is the evidence of the life that is in the vine.

The life of the vine gets pressed out through its branches.

Where you were in your faith last year, you shouldn’t still be today.

Fruit is not for the benefit of the branch, but for the benefit of others.

The vine brings the branch everything it needs to do what it needs to do.

The command is not to bear fruit, but to abide in the vine.

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Sunday’s Tweetables – “If Only I Hadn’t ___.”

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  • Apr, 2014
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Our fourth week of “If Only I ____” included powerful messages on GRACE from our Fredericksburg Campus Pastor, Josh Lazar, and our Spotsylvania Campus Pastor, Jeremy Pickwell.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

The things we hide cloud our vision from seeing the world the way God wants us to see it.

The essence of grace is that it is unmerited.

Forgiveness isn’t just something Jesus offers; forgiveness is who He is.

Shame shows us who we used to be, but grace shows us who God created us to be.

Forgiveness is the freedom to be fully known and fully loved.

Grace is the break in the cycle.

The original sin was doubting the goodness of God.

Sin = replacing God with ourselves and our own way.

It was easier to get the Israelites out of Egypt than to get Egypt out of the Israelites.

God didn’t turn a blind eye to our sin; He provided the way to pay for it.

God doesn’t make you a person, He makes you a people.

The purpose of forgiveness is not restitution, but relationship.






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Sunday’s Tweetables – If Only I Could Stop the Pain

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  • Mar, 2014
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God meets us at the crossroads between intellect and emotion.

You don’t need more information or more experience; you need to touch Someone.

You can remain stuck in an issue for so long you begin to identify yourself by it.

Pain is a symptom that shows something needs to change.

Depleted = Alive but not living.

Desperation says, “I need something.” Determination says, “I refuse to remain in need.”

We choose to live in dysfunction rather than changing to find healing and freedom.

An interruption of your miracle may mean God is setting you up for something greater.

Death never has the final word when Jesus is involved.

He didn’t just feel the nails in His hands and feet; He felt our infirmities.

He carried my pain to the cross so I wouldn’t have to carry it anymore.

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Sunday’s Tweetables – If Only I Weren’t Afraid

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  • Mar, 2014
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Fear informs our current circumstances and robs us of God’s best.

The strength I need is found in a Person I can trust.

Fear is the bully of our hearts and minds.

As soon as you succumb to fear it will mock you for not having courage.

Fear escalates the anxiety and elevates the finality of your decisions.

Fear’s control over you is limited by your belief in it.

More trust = Greater strength.

Trust is not real until it’s proven.

The favor of God may be on the other side of your fear.

Jesus, You are my strength.

If He lets you go in the fire, you’re not going in alone.

You need a running news feed of the goodness of God in your life.

Sometimes you have to testify to yourself!

Play fear out to its end and it will lose its steam.

I can trust the Word, works, and presence of God.

God takes us from fear to faith and from faith to favor.







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Pastor Daniel is the Senior Pastor of Lifepoint Church located in Fredericksburg, Va. He and his wife Tammie have two beautiful children: Owen, age 5, and Faith, age 3. Since planting the church in 2005 with a group of 50 people, Lifepoint has grown to two locations and seen over 1700 people place their faith in Jesus Christ.