Lifepoint Worship Album Release

November 28, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by admin  |  Lifepoint Church

This past Sunday, we released our first worship album, Greater Still, exclusively to our church.  The album will be released publicly and available on iTunes starting December 4th.

During the interview process we went through recently, our Worship Pastor, Berchman, said a phrase which has stuck with me ever since:  “Every movement should have a song.” This album contains the songs of the movement of God through Lifepoint Church. Check out my interview with Berch from Sunday, which explains our hearts for worship and the meaning behind the lyrics of each song:

It was an amazing day!

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One Response to Lifepoint Worship Album Release

  1. It was indeed amazing!
    I wanted to share something I think you’d appreciate.

    The other day, my younger 2 sons were taking their bath together. I walked in after a while to find them, as usual, playing, taking their time, shampoo still all over their hair, they’d even made shampoo bubble beards on their faces. Pretty cool.

    Well, it was getting late so I told them to go ahead and rinse off.

    What followed cracked me up, blessed me, encouraged me. It will probably do the same for you and those who serve at Lifepoint. This moved me.

    One crossed his arms, pinched his nose, while the other placed one hand behind his brothers neck, and another hand on his chest. My 9 year old and 6 year old, with smiles on their faces, then took turns “baptizing” each other to wash their shampoo off. “We do this all the time” they said.

    I was blessed and moved to see what they are catching onto.

    We are washing off way more than shampoo.

    Thanks for your faithful and bold message.


Pastor Daniel is the Senior Pastor of Lifepoint Church located in Fredericksburg, Va. He and his wife Tammie have two beautiful children: Owen, age 5, and Faith, age 3. Since planting the church in 2005 with a group of 50 people, Lifepoint has grown to two locations and seen over 1700 people place their faith in Jesus Christ.